Marc Krellenstein – Brief CV

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Senior Principal Technologist, Amazon (5/16 -present)

Lecturer, Northeastern University (6/13-present)

Consultant/Independent developer in search and text mining (4/15-5/16)

CTO/SVP of Technology Development, Decision Resources Group (3/14-4/15)

Adjunct Faculty, Emmanuel College, Boston (7/94-12/13)

CTO, Relay Technology Management (8/12-11/13) (Acquired by Decision Resources Group)

Independent consultant, search technology and applications (8/11-8/12)

Founder, CEO (8/07-9/08), CTO (8/07-7/11), Lucid Imagination (now LucidWorks)

CTO (10/04-8/07), Elsevier, VP, Search & Discovery Technology (1/02-10/04)

Founding technologist, CTO/SVP, Engineering, Northern Light Technology (1/96-1/02)

Director of Systems Development, Ligature

Software architect, Ziff Desktop Information

VP, R&D, Faxon Research Services

Software architect, Ziff Desktop Information

Director, R&D – Text, Access Technology/CompuServe




M.S. Computer Science, University of WisconsinMadison

M.A., Ph.D. Psychology, Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research

A.B. Philosophy, Cornell University


Selected publications in computer science


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Invited presentations in computer science


The future of enterprise search with Solr and Lucene. Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems (DODIIS) meeting, Detroit, May, 2011. Revised version delivered at Lucene Revolution 2011.


Full text search with open source Lucene. Infonortics Search Engine meeting, Boston, April, 2007.


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The commercial view: Shipping the digital library V1.0. Keynote presentation at IEEE Advances in Digital Libraries Conference, Baltimore, July, 1999.


Selected publications in philosophy/psychology


Krellenstein, M. (2017). Moral nihilism and its implications. Journal of Mind and Behvaior, 38, 75-90. Author preprint available at


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